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Corrupted Campaign?

Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Hi, Not sure if anyone has seen this problem before, but my main campaign (running for something over two years now) seems to have started having problems in the last few weeks. One of my players has been having intermittent connection problems, and another has been completely unable to get audio or video working with it. The latter player is completely blind, so trying to diagnose the problem has been tricky. As far as she is concerned, the game 'looks' very different, with many buttons missing, regardless of which browser (Firefox or Chrome) that she uses. However, neither were having problems in another game I'm starting to kick off. Out of desperation, I made a copy of the old game (including copying API scripts across to it), and everyone was able to connect to the copy without any problems at all. So it appears there are issues in that one campaign. Since we have a workaround, I don't need to try to resolve this, but I was wondering whether anyone else had seen anything like this happen. Sam.
Phil B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
This is very weird, I haven't seen anything like this happening to anyone else. I'm assuming, since you said she is completely blind, she is playing using a screen-reader. If that is the case there may have been some formatting issue with the chat log or a change to someone's character sheet that did not agree with the reader. They can have issues that wouldn't show up on a screen that isn't using a reader, since they "view" the page differently. I'm glad you were able to work around the issue in the mean time, but if it happens again please let me know and I can do some further digging.
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
Yes, she's using a screen reader. We're not using character sheets, so it's not that (though we have lots of PowerCards macros and some other APIs). The chat log is generally cleared between sessions, and the problem was persisting for several weeks (sessions), so it's probably not something in the chat log. Everything was copied into the new copy, so it should have been the same, but obviously something changed. If it re-occurs I'll let you know.

Edited 1471556233
Forum Champion
If you happen to be playing Pathfinder, I understand that the PF sheet has accessible/screen-readable options for its Roll Templates.
Samuel Penn
KS Backer
No, it's a D&D 3rd campaign that dated back before character sheets existed. We have too many custom macros and attributes to make it practical to move over to character sheets (and they started the final battle of the campaign last week, so definitely no point changing now).
Only seeing this now. I had issues with 2 of my campaign in regards to lag, game freezes and loading time. Making a copy also resolved the issue.