I've just finished GMing a long campaign, and I'm looking for new players for my next idea. Details below: *Note: This game will be a voice-only game. No text-only, and no video. Player Requirements Maturity. This is the most important criterion. Beside the obvious "Don't be a pancake" rules about discrimination, trolling, and not paying attention during the game, I also have a rule that players must work to make the game fun for everyone; not just themselves. We should be friends at the table; not competitors for the spotlight, items, etc. Openness. A particular aspect of maturity that I want to highlight is both listening to and providing honest feedback. I want players to feel comfortable with speaking up about anything that bothers them. Conscientiousness is another important aspect that I want to highlight. Everyone's definitions of moderation and good humor vary, but trend toward the center. Jokes that some people might consider juvenile or offensive, even if you don't consider them to be, should be cleared with the group until we've established a tone that we all find favorable. I don't want anyone at the "table" to be uncomfortable. Play Aside from maturity-related requirements, play style is the most important qualification for my games. I don't run hack&slash games, and I don't run games in which there is a heavy focus is on points/stats. I prefer to spend almost all of the session time on roleplaying and exposition, so I heavily favor cooperative play in which we simply agree on what happens based on rolls, background information, and circumstance, rather than play that runs on lists of rules and complex dice rolls. For example, though I do have a system that uses stat points, modifiers, and class features, there are no skill charts, the modifiers+rolls are more of a general guide than absolutes, and the class features are written as general descriptions rather than specific rules. Simply put, I'm not a war gamer, I'm a roleplayer-storyteller; and that's what I'm looking for from my players. Setting I usually set up games that are essentially human-only; with some minor changes possible. I don't use any of the D&D races as described. In fact, I barely know D&D. My games use worlds and game mechanics that I come up with on my own and playtest in oneshots with volunteers. Right now, I'm thinking of a heavily old school Final Fantasy-inspired world, with mechanics either a very simplified 5E-like style, or an extremely simple, narrative-based system (the latter of which I used in my recently concluded campaign). Time The time that is currently set was added just so that I could put a listing up. I'm open to running a oneshot trial game any day expect for Sunday, at essentially any time between 12pm and 12am CDT (so, ranging from 10am Pacific to 1am Eastern; UTC 6pm to 6am). I'd like the average weekly session length to be about 4 hours, though the oneshot could go longer. For more information, please join this LFG listing: <a href="http://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59056/roleplaying-storytelling-heavy-homebrew-system-game" rel="nofollow">http://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59056/roleplaying-storytelling-heavy-homebrew-system-game</a>