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LF Players - 13th Age, Pick up and Play Old School Megadungeon


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As the title says, i'm looking for people who want either a pick up and play game, or are into commitment and going the distance, either is fine. I'm running an OSR 'like' dungeon (think classic dungeons such as caverns of chaos, Undermountain and Castle Greyhawk) And its using the 13th Age ruleset - haven't played it? not a problem, its fairly standard d20 - so roll some stats and i'll guide you through the rest! The purpose for this is i know regular gaming can be tough, so I want to provide an opportunity for people to get involved if and when they can. The megadungeon is great setting for this - theres ongoing continuity for those who need it and episodic stand alone play for those who cant make that often. Each week is a new delve, going in at the start of the evening and trying to make it out at the end. You can change your character each week or, should you choose, stick with the same one forever. Im not a killer GM, so this is no Tomb of Horrors, that said don't expect this to be a pushover, watch what you touch - you could lose a finger. Im not going to post a huge backstory and fluff entry here, so if you want to know more - get in touch. Start times are a flexible 8:00pm UK time (GMT+0) Saturdays, Weekly.
What days are you planning on running? And and not to be picky, but the UK is currently GMT+1 (granted not for much longer).
Once a week, on saturday - given demand I could potentially do a widweek session also.
Midweek request #1: Monday please. Monday request count: 1 so far
Ok, Saturdays aren't good for me, have fun!
this sounds fun, i'm GMT+0 as well and im good for saturdays, and mondays depends on the hour.
Saturdays at GMT+0 is perfect for me. I'm GMT-7 and Saturday is the best day. I also like the idea of being able to switch out characters a lot since there's so much stuff i enjoy doing. I'm also tired of a lot of roll20 games not taking off due to flaky GMs/players so this seems like a good fix! :D
Sounds very interesting, however I can´t on Saturdays. I am in GMT+1. So if a different timeframe opens up I may be available.
Saturdays look like a definite - and i'll keep an eye on numbers for a mid-week session. It would be great if you could share this thread with whatever social media (G+ / Forums etc) to see if we can attract some more people, a nice full gaming group would be awesome!
I've been looking for a classic dungeon crawl. Saturdays are good by me, however I have never used 13th age before. I have played a little Pathfinder so I get the basics. I'm also used to a standard campaign setting, I'm interested to see how a mega dungeon works on roll20.
Not to worry, 13A is a 'rules medium' system - so if you've played a little pathfinder you'll have no problem at all with 13A, its more concerned about ruling over rules really, anything that crops we'll cover it as we go. Welcome aboard!

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So i'll run the first session this saturday at 8:00pm UK time - with players SKLoyal Samuel T. Bretai Jon M. shfhs f. feel free to roll up some characters with the standard rules to save some time or we'll do it on the night, either-way is fine Here is the link to the campaign should anyone wish to join who isn't able to make this saturday but would like to keep in the loop with gamedates. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
David, I'm up for a game on Saturday if you'll have me.
Always welcome Jon!
Were at the 5 man cap for this week, anyone who wants to can sign up for next week - i'll send you an invite to the campaign and we'll schedule games in the campaign forum (i'll run a first come first served basis for slots)

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I've updated the Sign up post in the Campaign forum - again if anyone wants to join please use the invite link above, you're more than welcome!