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API Dev Server update 10/17: Sheet Worker Support

Gary W. said: I wonder if they realize how much of a quality of life type of improvement it would be? The changes over the past year, combined with some incredibly savvy programming, have brought us to the a new level of sophistication in our games. Taken the drudgery out of the game and allowed us to focus on the story and the joy of being with friends.  The fact that a script can make a change to a character sheet and not have that change noticed by the sheet worker is a big pain in the rear end.  Take casting bless in DnD 5e. A very useful spell- but one that can bog a game down in background details. It adds 1d4 to every saving throw and to hit roll for up to three characters. Awesome! But using it means that all those macros each character is using to resolve combat has to be changed. Or you need to remember to roll an extra d4 with every attack and save. The shaped sheet has the capability to resolve that- but it means adding d4cs0cf0 in three spots on each of those three characters, and then removing them when the spell is over. If the players are not tech savy that means you have one or two people making the changes for everybody. It really slows the game down. Jakob's chatsetattr script allows the gm to make the needed change to all three character sheet in seconds. But since the sheet worker isn't triggered when a script makes a change you still need to go into each sheet manually to trigger the recalc.  This may not sound like an important update- but to the people using the scripts it would really make life easier.  Please roll out the fix. If something is preventing you from doing so please explain the problem. And regardless, please come up with a way to make this happen! I agree with you on nearly every point, but from what I have heard and read the issue that is holding it up is how long it takes to process, how much it will slow the sheets down.  Now, its my guess that if they think it is a big enough issue to mention as the hold up, then the slow down must be quite dramatic.  Something like the 7-10 seconds delay that we had when nested inline rolls first made it to beta and a lesser extent when those were pushed to live.. Since they pushed that to live servers even WHEN they were still very slow to execute (and to some extent still are on some computers); this problem must be dramatic. Granted, I haven't seen this in action, so I could be totally wrong.  If that is the case, then yes.  I agree, this should be priority number one, get it out there and let people use it.  But beyond that, I have faith that when it is time, when it has been perfected, it will be released.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Sorry for the delay in getting this pushed out -- don't read too much into it, just got a bit held up with other things. I'm pushing it out now and I'll make a post in the API forums for further discussion on it.