Triggered SFX -- Removed?

I was referred to the Triggered SFX script for a problem I've been trying to solve, but it appears the link to GitHub is no longer valid. Anyone know if this was just moved somewhere else or was it taken down by the author?

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API Scripter I guess at some point I moved the branch it was on. I've updated the url in the linked thread. =)
Thank you!!!
Brian - thanks for re-linking Triggered SFX. Since the original thread has closed, can you please let me know here if I'm screwing something up? I'm getting an error when I try to create an Alias using !aliassfx bell -track "Bell" -time 4 It tells me "(From System): Error: No tracks matching "Bell" found. Please check the name and try again." I specifically renamed the file in Jukebox to be "Bell". Do you happen to know splitArgs.js 1.1 is still compatible with your code? Has there been a change to the Roll20 code since you published your code? I'm just trying to eliminate possibilities. What am I doing wrong?