GuloxMiro, 19th of Calistrial

Gulo looked down at his hands, blisters already starting to form, they would add nicely to his calloused palms. But what to do about the child, this exchange confirmed his suspicions about her, something had to be done about it. He had only one option of who to turn to, he turned to Miro, speaking in goblin "Kreigstam, can we speak in private for a moment?"
Miro turns to Gulf the furrow of worry and contemplation becoming much worse and prominent with every passing day. His expression softens into a half genuine smile and he closes his eyes for a moment.  In his minds eye he shunt the mental connections between the two of them and the others. Then gulo feels as much as hears Miro in his mind. "Of course Gulo, think your thoughts and we may converse as you need." With the go ahead given Miro begins to absently fiddle with one of his tomes looking busy but allowing gulo the fullest of his attentions that he could spare.

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"The conversation between my and Mara, I assume you we're listening in Miro? You saw how easily I was to be able to shake, rattle her cage as it were, if only for an instant, an enemy could take advantage of that instant, and that instant could spell all of our doom." Gulo sighs, rubbing his temples in frustration "I do not know what Vrinnatholoas was thinking bringing that child here, she has no training, no experience, just anger and guilt, both of which are useless! Mark my words Miro, she is no more in control of that power of hers then orc is of his rage, and like a raging orc she soon stop seeing friend from foe, and simply see all as fuel for her fire." he looks down at his burned palms yet again, gripping them tightly "Which is why I come to you, kriegstam." 
     Casually flipping through the pages of his tome a quill and ink appear and he begins making adjustments on some existing spells.  Without batting an eye or making any other tell he continues their conversation.  ~I undastand your concerns Gulo.  She is young... brash... and quick to loose track of the long term in the moment.  Howeva there are many merits that I am not sure you have thought of yet.  First and foremost imagine the alternative... A child of her raw powa sulking about Sandpoint without direction or supavision.  Atleast hea her talents are directed at a deserving candidate.  Secondly, who betta to teach her the control she will need for the rest of hea life than us?  I know youra concerns Gulo but her desia to seek justice for her families murda is not without merit.  So it falls to us to guide her past her pain and bloodlust into a state of acceptance and control.  For now... let us keep an eye on her and be a friend when she needs it, and a mentor when she needs it.  Only thus can she learn tha skills she needs to return to civilizatian safely.~       Miro stands and closes his tome turning to look at Gulo with those eyes of constant calculation and kindness.  ~Also rememba Gulo... you are living in a human world now... remember we are more caring of our young than your kind.  She has lost almost everything she has eva known.  Her home, her parents, her sibling, and even her chance at being normal.  All of these things were taken from her by forces outside of her control.  Be easy with her and her feelings.  Perhaps if you can do that, you will see yourself grow even greata as a leada, as a man capabal of leading those from all walks of life.~  Miro makes his way over to Gulo and smiles.  ~Does dis help you any?~
"I need not your sermons on the complexities of humanity Miro, I need a promise from you, here and now." Gulo's voice becomes as cold as grave, oozing with deadly certainty "I need not remind you how important this mission is, thousands of lives are depending on us, I will not bother to debate with you Mara's true motives for being here, I simply need you to understand this. The child is powerful, more powerful then myself, then Vrinn, then Aryah, you are the only capable of dealing with her." he knells down, looking Miro directly in the eye "I need your promise Miro, that if Mara loses control you will not hesitate to take care of her, killing her if necessary. I understand how monstrous that sounds to you Miro, but I ask this of you not for my sake, or even the sake of the group, but for the misson and everyone who is depending on us to complete it."
     Miro looks to Gulo his eyes becoming sharp as steel.  ~You need worry not Gulo... I watch de child just as much as I watch the rest of you.  Trust in me Gulo... ave I in your experiance showed poor judgement to date?  Should the child get out of hand...  I will take care of it.~
For the first time since he had met the halfling Gulo gives him a genuine smile "Dankashien, Kriegstam." he gets up goes towards the cave entrance, staring at the ground, stain with Wyvren blood "I do not hate her Miro, nor do I wish her death more then any other living creature. But we are not in the world of man any longer, and in this world there is no room for a light hand."