Aryah x Mara 19th of Calistrial after the Gulo incident

Aryah studies  Mara for a few moments as she  thinks about the exchange between Gulo and the young girl. Gulo was right, she was dangerous, but she was also hurting. Aryah could barely keep her own rage in check. She leans over and whispers to Cheveyo. A few moments later the big cat lays at the child's feet and purrs contentedly. 
Mara glares after Gulo as he walks away. That stupid Gulo, he didn't understand her at all. He was so worried about her emotions and then went and made her angry? She closed her eyes, just trying to breath, trying to snuff out her internal flame. As she's just beginning to make progress, her rage beginning to flicker and dim, something heavy and warm is laid on her feet. Whatever modicum of focus she had was gone now and she sighs. Opening her eyes she sees the massive, normal, terrifying cat that Aryah keeps with her. It's... purring. Sitting down next to it, Mara tentatively reaches a hand out to pet it, watching the beast closely in case it reacts poorly.
Cheveyo leans into the girls hand accepting the pet. After a few minutes, Aryah approaches, "He likes you. May I sit."
Mara scratches the large, extremely dangerous, wild beast behind the ears as it purrs. "Of course. I assume you want to talk about what just happened with Gulo." Mara hangs her head a bit, readying herself for a scolding.

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"Gulo is a Hob. Their good with tactics and fighting, but they suck at diplomacy and can't see past the next battle. He reminds me of my father. I am not here to scold you for loosing your temper. I would have asked Cheveyo to bite his nuts off." She looks at Mara with a smile, "No my young friend, I am just here to say I understand your rage and guilt. I have the same feelings for my little brother. I encouraged him to go to the Fort, and he ended up tortured, and ripped to shreds. I want to help you focus the rage so you can get your justice AND survive to be there for your sister."  
Mara chuckles a little, imagining Cheveyo unmanning Gulo. But then, that was Aryah's point, wasn't it? He wasn't a man. "I'm sorry about your brother. What was he like?"
Aryah smiles "His name was Krojun. He was not like me. I have always been a  hunter, but Krojun was an artist. Among my people, the young are sent on their life quest around your age. When I went on mine, I was chosen by Cheveyo. I am a Spirit Hunter and Cheveyo is my Spirit. When my brother came back he had made this." She shows Mara her large hammer. It's shaft is made of a black wood polished to look almost like onyx and carved with intricate runes. The hammer head is polished Graphite. Among the Moon Quah, my people, strength of any type is valued, my father was not of the Moon Quah, his Quah values only physical strength. Even though our father could be cruel, Kro would not back down from him. Kro had an inner strength and spirit that was unbreakable. He loved to laugh and played the stupidest practical jokes. His craftsmanship was sought after among all the tribes. So, when I heard the Fort was looking for a weapons smith, I encouraged him to go."
Mara stares at the hammer. Though she knows nothing of weapons, it is clear to any looking that it is a beautiful piece of work. Elegant in form and powerful in its purpose. "Are you afraid that you killed your brother? That because he left for the fort at your urging, he died? Is that why you want revenge? Because you made a mistake?" Mara gazes up at Aryah, still petting the cat. She looks genuinely curious, almost determined to know the woman better. 
"Part of me does, but part of me realizes that I do not have the  gift of forseeing the future. I had no way of knowing what would happen. As far as revenge goes, Vrinn has assured me that those that tortured Kro are dead. I am here more to stop this evil from ruining more lives."
"That's why I'm here too! Also revenge. I want to destroy the ones who did this to me, but it's not just because they've hurt me. It's so they can't hurt anybody else. Why can't He," she says gesturing sharply at Gulo, "understand that? I'm not here to fuck around or endanger the 'mission.' I want to succeed just as much as anyone else. Maybe more. Why am I such a liability?"

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"Gulo has no concept outside of military matters. The Hob culture has no family, They don't understand, love or loss. The children are taken as soon as they are weened and trained for battle. Your connection to you family and your feelings scare him because he can't predict them and factor them into the battle plan. To him, those feeling are a weakness, and to be honest, unchecked they can be, however, it is our connections to those feelings and our families that give us the strength to press on when everything seems hopeless. Your abilities are unlike anything I've ever seen, but you have a sister who needs you to come home. You can temper your powers. I've seen it in this last battle. In battle, when you feel yourself loosing control, think of your sister and you will be able to keep your focus. If you need someone to talk to you can come to me or Cheveyo. You are a powerful young woman and you have the responsibility to weild that power responsibally.
Mara focuses very intently on petting Cheveyo, not wanting to look anywhere else. "But what if he's right? What if, because I'm so unpredictable, I do something wrong? Something that gets us all killed before we do enough damage to dissuade all these monsters? And they go on to kill more people, destroy more families? What if we're the only ones who can stop them, and I fuck it all up?" Tears are beginning to form in her eyes as she speaks, but she determinedly continues looking at Cheveyo. She can't help but pour out some heat, but she concentrates and holds most of it back. It feels more like warm sunlight rather than a forge fire.
Aryah places her hand under the girls chin, tilting her head to face her, "Mara we will all make mistakes, Gulo included, but we are a team, if we listen to each other, we can keep those mistakes from being fatal ones, and if we all die before the job is done, then the Gods will raise up another group of people to take up the fight." Aryah places her hand on top of the one stroking Cheveyo,"And Mara you are capable of control, you're doing it right now." She then gives Mara a hug and whispers "We believe in you."
Mara shivers at the contact, a sob escaping her throat. She turns her face away. "Thank you."