GuloxMara, 19th of Calistria, post worm

Gulo makes his way to Mara, his tone calm, emotionless "Why did you falter in the battle? Your wounds were healed and yet you ramained on the ground still, why?"
Mara looks at Gulo, an expression of resignation beginning to form on her face. "I was scared. I had been hurt, the worst I've ever been hurt. I didn't want it to happen again. I reacted. Why did you kick me?"
"When I kicked you, what did you feel, emotionally?" he says in an inquisitive tone.
She blinks slowly, considering the hob's words. "More fear. But it all sorta turned red. Turned to rage. I got away from you because I didn't really know how it was going to... y'know. Become. I aimed at that monster. And it died. Why do you think I didn't just let it burn you?" Head cocked to the side a little, she seems to be considering her own question, not even really expecting Gulo to answer.
"Mr life did not matter at that point, all that mattered is that I got you up and about, if not your death would have been assured. In terms of power you are far more valuable then myself, it simply made the most sense." 
"And you believe that kicking me was the quickest way to... what? Get my ass back into action? Do you still think it was the best idea? Are you going to do it again, the next time I'm hurt?" She scowls a little bit, crossing her arms over her chest. "Did you even consider helping me up?"
Gulo thinks for a moment, rubbing his chin "Yes, which is why we must work on not letting it happen, next time I suspect I will not be spared your wrath."
"Work on what? Letting me get hurt? Letting me feel fear? How do you think I can stop bein' afraid Gulo? I'm surrounded by monsters every step we take further into this disgusting hole in the world, just to bring us closer to near certain death with the hope of stopping something even worse than what happened to my family. How the fuck do you think I could ever not be afraid here?" Mara looks... heated.
Gulo let's out a big, hearty laugh "Asking someone not be afraid is like asking the wind not to blow or asking your fire not to burn! Fear is a very useful tool, it keeps out instincts keen, our adrenalin flowing, and most importantly it keeps us from doing suicidally stupid actions. Your problem was not that you were afraid Mara, it was that you stopped using your fear as tool, but instead let it dominate you."
Mara is caught off guard by Gulo laughing, and confusedly asks him, "Well how in the hells do you do that?"
"It is not easy, and I very much doubt that youth will allow you to fully comprehend the lesson, but I will try never the less. Now, close your eyes and think of yourself, what comes to mind?"
Mara closes her eyes, then opens one again and steps away from Gulo, just enough to be out of immediate striking distance. She closes her eyes again and concentrates for a few deep breaths. "I see myself, I guess. I don't really know what I should think of other than that. I am Mara, and that's what I see when I think of Mara." She peeks through mostly closed eyelids at Gulo, unsure what he wants from her.
Gulo nods, closing his eyes and while his voice is quite his reverent passion is overflowing"Yes, but you are also Miro, Aryah, Vrinn, Melek, Chavaho, and yes, even me, as I am you and all of them as well. We are no longer individuals Mara, but part of a single unit, each and everyone of us here is willing to die for one another, as I was when I kicked you, even if it could have resulted in my own death, because even if you killed me I know I will live on in our cause long after by body has turned to ash. If you remember this your fear will never overcome you, now when you close your eyes and think of yourself, what do you see?" 

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"Um. Ew. Now we're all piled on top of each other. And you're on fire." She smirks a little bit to herself. "But I think I understand your point. We're all here to accomplish this mission. The loss of our lives is secondary to the completion of the mission."
the ghost of smile flickers on Gulo's face "You surprise me child, and you learn quickly. But enough of this, we must move foward, Moloch knows what this purple worm has alerted to our presence."