As many of you know, we have been slowly bringing forward our new Roll20 Video Chat system to replace TokBox. Our [Beta] period for this new system launched in September and, with the help of some pretty rad community members, we gained the very valuable feedback needed to push this system out today! I am very excited to be able to share that we are now out of beta and have officially launched Roll20’s new in-house Video Chat system as the default on all Roll20 games. This new in-house system has allowed us to provide you with a few more features that previously available, check them out: Whispering . You're the GM and your player secretly just got charmed, but you don't have the time to have a long text conversation through whispering in chat. Have no fear! You can click the whisper button on your player's video and have a quick side-conversation with them and get back to watching your newly acquired puppet turn on his allies! HA HA HA Voice/Video Bandwidth Options . Do you and your players live inside of your ISP and have all of the bandwidth you could ever want?? (lucky you) Awesome! Watch some super smooth video of all your friends do their thing. Does one of your players live out in the forest where the only internet they have is delivered by carrier pigeon? No problem! Lower your video settings and you can still get to see their smiling face, though slightly less smoothly than before; internet is heavy and pigeon is tired. Movable video windows . I've always wanted to use video chat, but all the action always happens at the bottom left corner of my map, whatever will I do? You can just drag your videos wherever you want them! Hotkey Control. Does your roommate like to tell embarrassing stories while you're on video, do you have a fan pointed directly at your microphone, are you allergic to air and constantly sneezing into your player's ears? Do we have the solution for you! Once you've turned on "Use advanced keyboard shortcuts" you can use the tilde ( ` ) key to mute/unmute yourself at the push of a button! (please be aware that the keyboard shortcuts will only work when you have the Roll20 Editor tab focused, so it won't work if you have another tab or another program like a PDF selected when you push the button) Video Only . For all of those RPGs simulating the Silent Film Era, we've got you covered! It's like Video Chat, without the Chat part. So Video thing. As always, there is a thread in the Bug Forum for this new feature, so if you have any bug to report on the new system - please let us know! Enjoy!