Greetings Community - starting today, the forums are looking a little different! We have removed the Roll20 for iPad and Android forum - opening the Specific Use and Bug Reports & Technical Issues forum to those users. We recognize that a separate forum for the app has not been the most efficient way to handle those requests and we want to ensure those users are getting the best support possible. Any unanswered posts in that forum will be moved by the Devs today. Due to the incredible amount of creative folks in our community, we have created a Marketplace & Creative Content forum. This forum will be the new home for folks who make live streaming, video, or podcast content, as well as a place for our Marketplace Creators to post new packs and ask for feedback. Only Roll20 specific live streaming, video, or podcast content can be posted in this forum, and only approved Marketplace Creators can share art in this forum. We have also archived the On-Topic forum, since the Specific Use forum covers discussion specific to the use of the Roll20 application and the new Marketplace & Creative Content forum will cover the other items usually found in On-Topic. Any outstanding unanswered request will be handled or moved to a new forum today. At the top of the forums, is now a read-only Announcements forum. This will be a new home for Roll20 news, announcements, & updates. Finally, the Character Sheets forum has morphed into the Character Sheets & Compendium forum. See our Compendium Project post for more details on this change! Happy gaming!