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Update 12/21: More WebRTC Bug Fixes and New Pop-Out Video!

Roll20 Team
We just pushed out a fresh set of Roll20 WebRTC bug fixes to the Production server. Changes made to Roll20 WebRTC: We've changed how the player ID system works when it comes to making the connection between players. Your console logs will now read a lot clearer as everyone's user name will be listed alongside their unique connection ID #, so you'll know exactly where the connection is failing between which players. If there is a connection failure, WebRTC will force itself to make four more additional attempts to reconnect (five times in total). There was a bug where a user couldn't mute a player that had recently joined a game. This should be fixed. When to use the Reconnect button: This wasn't made very clear by us before. If you make any changes to Broadcast or Receive settings under Video + Voice, you first need to select what you wish and then click the Reconnect button. Changes should be noted automatically by your other players without a browser tab refresh, but if there are reconnection hiccups, it might be needed for players to do a tab refresh. Feature Addition to Roll20 WebRTC: This came along for the ride with the latest set of bug fixes. Now players/GMs can pop their video/avatars out into their own browser windows outside of the VTT. It requires having more than one player within the game to unlock this feature. When you double click on an avatar, a new browser window will pop out containing the player's avatar/webcam footage. Closing the window pops the avatar/video back where it was on the Tabletop. The player's nameplate remains on the Tabletop to keep card hand and splitting the party functionality.
Looks fun
Still quite "iffy", I'm afraid. In a recent game (Game 1) that tried to rely on roll20 for audio (crying-with-laughter-emoji here), Player 4 could initially hear everyone, then could only hear the DM, Players 1 and 3, but not Player 2. Reconnect did not help. In the next game (Game 2) I played, I was on the lookout for this behavior. We use TS3 in that one (because we like to have voice be stable, thanks), so I paid more attention to video. Sure enough, same thing: Get video from all players to start out, eventually one player turns "black" for me although he can still be seen by others in the game. I'm assuming this means WebRTC does P2P connections, not "to/from server". I'm not sure why and how, but that seems to be patchy at best. Not a big thing for the games I participate in, unless the DM of Game 1 insists on continued use of roll20 for audio over other solutions such as Discord or TS3. In which case I'll blame that DM though, not your WebRTC code. As far as I am concerned, relying on roll20 audio/video at this point is just plain foolish. The feature isn't near stable enough for that.
My groups experience mirrors Thorsten B's quite closely. We have not been able to use roll20 audio or video for months now on game nights. That's about 50% of the feature-set we need from the platform (the other 2 being the all-important tabletop, and the ruleset). Very troubling.
My group often has some issue or another.  I can't think of a session where there wasn't some problem with a/v.  We often have to fall back on hangouts.
My experience has been the same as Thorsten's for some time now.  We used to be able to work around by running Roll20 in the old version of Google Hangouts.  Last night, Roll20 would not run in Hangouts, and we were forced to use Hangouts for communication with Roll20 as a tabletop.  We're beginning to evaluate other platforms, as there is no longer a session where this issue doesn't occur.
I'm very disappointed that roll20 still has not fixed the video issues. I am considering cancelling my membership and seeking another platform. 
I have same problems as Thorsten. We can't play any roll20 games since 1 month. I pay 10$ a month and I am very disappointed.
I am going to parriot those above.  Our group of six that has been playing on here for over three years and in the last few months we have had to go to Skype to communicate.  I have no idea what has happened.
There is a bug thread at  WebRTC Video and Voice Chat Issues where you guys should be reporting your issues and providing the diagnostics the devs are asking for. The devs have been proactive on that thread about informing people why this has happened and what is being worked on, as well as offering to come into games personally to try and help. This thread is an announcement thread which should have been locked after it was posted, so you won't likely get a response here.
My group has been having the same issues as others unfortunately. Since the new WebRTC was rolled out, we have had constant video issues. Sometimes, certain players can't see each other. At other times a certain player will completely lose video connection. This has happened continuously throughout our recent games and really messes up the playing experience. These issues never happened with the old system.