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Trying to nest macros in a roll query, as suggested in the wiki

Maybe I'm missing something.  I can't get this darn thing to work.  I put spaces after the macro names as suggested, but I can't figure this one out.  What am I doing wrong? ?{WHICH WEAPON WILL YOU USE?|@{selected|weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-1 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$0_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-2 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$1_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-3 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$2_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-4 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$3_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-5 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$4_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-6 |@{selected|repeating_weapons_$5_weaponname}, #BACK-STAB-7 }

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Franky H.
Forum Champion
You need to replace all problematic characters },| in the called macros(Back-stab-1, back-stab-2, etc) with html entities. For example, replacing } with } See  Advanced Usage for Roll Queries for more info.