[New Scripts] Critical and Fumbler

Ryan J.
API Scripter
I hope you find these useful. Both scripts can be used as a one-click-install in the Roll20's script dropdown under the Character section. Critical - A quick method of determining the outcome of a critical hit. Fumbler - A quick (and often humorous) method to determine what happens to your players when they fumble. Also, the  Markov script I created earlier last year is now available as a one-click-install.
I have been using a rollable table to generate Crits and fumbles, this is a nice change, thanks.
Ryan J.
API Scripter
Thanks al e.  I originally used rollable tables, but I found these awkward and tedious. I am currently working on letting users create fumbler handouts that have their own charts in JSON format. For example you can create a handout named fumbler-disaster with your chart in the Notes and use it in the chat as: !fumble disaster 92 92% Unaware idiot Hit friend, normal damage.   See my  fork of Roll20Scripts for my progress.
When I try to use a handout it returns an error: "The fumble chart handout has errors: Unexpected token X" (Where X is the first letter in the chart so the l in low) Any idea what could be causing that?

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Ryan J.
API Scripter
What does your JSON look like? Make sure it is in standard format by pasting into something like http://jsonlint.com -- Also in your handout make sure you choose code format for your JSON. The JSON code should look like this https://github.com/RyanNerd/roll20-api-scripts/blo... This is the default fumble chart. 

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I am having the same problem as well. Here is a picture. I copied the text raw. Here is a different picture on a second attempt that did not work either.