[LFP] Curse of the Dungeon Master


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looking for 3 people who want to try their hands at beating the Dungeon Master(the deity). reply to this thread if interested. Experienced players only. System is D&D5E
What system?
D&D5e sry bout that
Yeah, I'd probably be okay with somethin' like this. Sign me up?
experience with d&d5e? and character info?
Been playing 5E for two or three years now, and I have an impossibly vast array of characters I could use. I'd need to know more about the setting/story I was in before I decided on a character.
gimme a few minutes and ill send u an invire
So, what would this be like, exactly? I'm kind of curious.
in simple terms its the PC's directly talking and arguing with the GM who happens to be the worlds Deity
If you are still looking I am interested but need to now when and what day and how do we communicate
Sounds interesting, if I can make the time/day, I'd be willing to try it.
What time are you planning ? i have about a year of experience
Im gonna run a trial today at 11:00 pm GMT -4:00 to see how the PC's would interact with the world after that it will be Thursdays at 11pm every week