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Copy Table isnt Copying Anything!

I'm Trying to make a Copy of my table to reduce the amought of content, since i had 3 campaigns in one table. But i wanted to maintain certain things that ive already made up, thou the "copy" isnt making the copy: everything is Blank as if it was a new table when i get inside. I've leave marked the boxes that i wanted to be inside, so they should be there. Would this be because i have a lot of content or should i wait roll20 do this in a longer period of time since it is too much content? Pls aid me!

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Roll20 Mod Team
Hi,  Luigi Derik . Currently, the tables constructed by the Rich Text Editor used by Roll20 can't be effectively copied by highlighting table cells. Instead, here's how I recommend copying tables: Use your browser's inspect element function on a table. Within your browser's inspector, find and select the line that contains the table's opening <table> tag. Copy that line (using either Ctrl-C, or right-clicking on the line and selecting 'Copy Outer HTML'). Paste this copied HTML code into an external text editor. Remove all line breaks from this code. Copy and paste this modified code into the Rich Text Editor; upon pasting, the code should immediately parse into the table! Edit and save the table as normal. I hope this helps!
Hahahah! I think we missunderstood: I was talking about Copying the game.
Franky H.
Roll20 Mod Team
Depending on the amount of stuff in your game, The copy game function may bug out. I remember there being an issue before where a player couldn't copy their campaign due to the sheer size of it.
Is there a Way to Fix This?
Roll20 Mod Team
What's the name of the game that you're trying to copy?
its "o Limiar no abismo do tempo"... it is mine...
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
My apologies for the wait on this, Luigi. With the release of recent updates, we're a bit backlogged. I've created a task ticket to get this manually copied.
ow.... great! thx for the attention! :) i'll wait for the copy. i will try to copy anyways... see if will work.
Steve K.
Roll20 Team
Hi Luigi, You should have a copy of this game in your game list. Happy rolling!
Thx a Bunch!