Hello to all Adventurers. Are you looking for a Game Master to run a gaming session for you and your friends? Well I am here to fill that role for you! I have over 10 years of experience in Dungeons and Dragons, several years of other pen and paper systems, as well as over 4 years of solid GM experience, I can both build a world for you to play with as well as run it smoothly. About me: I am a 25 year old with both a college Diploma and University Bachelors Honorary degree in Games Design, BSc Hons. I am mostly a mature person but can change my demeanour to fit players and the atmosphere of the group. Besides being a Game Master I am also a Freelance Journalist, so I tend to write a lot during the week, giving me much more practice at structuring worlds, story and characters. My Game Master Setup: I have a gaming computer with a High Quality Mic (Razer Seiren), along with a TeamSpeak server, Skype, Email and Discord for communication. I have purchased the majority of 3.5 books and have resources for pre-made modules. I have used Roll20 since 04/07/14 and have great knowledge over the in-built sheets and the PowerCards API script. I can offer advice to players creating macros as well as set some basic ones up for you. What I can run: My experience lies within Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition and Pathfinder, along with the home-brew system FFD20 . You may request any pre-made module, I will see if I own it and if not I will ask for payment to purchase it. Some of my best work is with home-brew adventures and worlds, from creating maps from scratch or generators to designing story and characters. If you want me to run another system we can discuss that in private. I do not run D&D 5E. Style of game: The games I run are centred on the core NPCs and themes of the world, I am heavily influenced by Final Fantasy and RPG games so you may see some images or characters relating to those. I put hidden meanings, words that mean something in other languages, secrets, collectables and more in my games. I also will design plot hooks and side stories that follow your character's backstory and possible actions during game. Most of the enemies you encounter will be pre-made from the books and references, but I do include plenty of NPCs and monsters that I create myself, along with new magic items and bonuses to the party. Campaigns can last up to 50 sessions or more, depending on what the party wish to do. I run Sandbox/Open-world style games, with more story-controlled campaigns if required. Cost: I ask for £8($10) an hour, this may be split amongst the players in the group, in groups of 1-6. Sessions will last 4+ hours depending on start time and what the group decides, though the max time I will run a game will be 12 hours. For example, a 6 hour game for 6 players could cost £8 per player or £48 in total. To set up a campaign I ask for £20. Once this is paid I will prepare the module or homebrew campaign and give players a Session 0 to teach rules, create characters and have an introduction session for as many hours that I can spare that day. What I ask of players: While you are paying for my services, I will not accept bribes to help any individual player and the rule of “The GM is the Master of the Game” is enforced. If there are any arguments over rulings I will make a call on the spot and will be investigated out-of-game. Power-Gamers or Min-maxers will not be tolerated and will be spoken to in private if their play style interferes with the party. This will not apply if the game is designed for the party to be Power-Gamers however or the party are all agreed on the Min-maxer to be fine. Payment is to be given at the start or before the session starts. If a player cannot make it to the session the price of the session can be split as the party sees fit, if the missing player still pays or if it’s split between the remaining party. Time availability: GMT (London) Monday: 0800 - 2200 Tuesday: 0800 - 2200 Wednesday: 0800 – 2200 Thursday: 0800 - 2200 Friday: 0800 – 2200 Saturday: 0800 - 1400 Sunday: 0800 – 1700 How you go about contacting me: PM me on Roll20 for questions or queries regarding hiring me, if you are a part of a group and the type of game you want me to GM. After this contact is made I will supply you with my Skype information for further discussion. References and Portfolio: You can find a list of references by past players here: GM References Here is a playlist of past games I have Game mastered and Streamed (I do not stream all my games): Chaos in Alf playlist Band of Arteus playlist Game highlights: Game highlights from streams Style of Maps: Imgur folder of maps “This game will require payment for my time as a Game Master at a rate of £8 an hour. Be advised that payment will occur off site via PayPal and cannot be enforced by the Roll20 staff.”