Looking for Blind Roll Script

Everyone I've found in the forums is at least a year old or flat out doesn't seem to work for me. Often, after adding the script I can use the appropriate command for any given script I find in the API forums (e.g., !broll 1d20+5) without any errors, but it doesn't seem to actually yield a rolled number to the GM, mostly it's as if the player never typed anything at all. I'm almost certainly missing something here, if anybody has any idea or direction it would be greatly appreciated. All I am really looking for is a simple command that I can macro for players to send me a blind d20 rolls without seeing the results; nothing fancier than that (though, I'm not opposed to fancy.) Again, any thoughts/direction would be greatly appreciated. I've spent a few hours this evening and am sort of at wits end.
Hello Andrew, I've been using this for years: on("chat:message", function(msg) { var cmdName = "!broll "; var msgTxt = msg.content; var msgWho = msg.who; var msgFormula = msgTxt.slice(cmdName.length); if(msg.type == "api" && msgTxt.indexOf(cmdName) !== -1) { sendChat(msgWho, "/gmroll " + msgFormula); sendChat(msgWho, "/w " + msgWho + " secret roll sent to GM (" + msgFormula + ")"); }; }); Got it here on this forum way back when. Might be something newer or better out there. I know Powercards can do the same: sending only the DM a roll from a player.
Franky H.
Roll20 Mod Team
BlindRoll, the script.

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Thank you both for posting these, I've seen both before and couldn't get them to work at first. However over coffee this morning, I realized that Franky's script required I also install the splitArgs script to work (which you can find in the scripts dropdown in your game's API section for anybody else reading this).  Again, thank you both for taking the time.
hmm...is the splitArg need new? I have used Stephen's !broll for a long time and haven't needed an additional script....
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The API script was giving me a error about undefined SplitArg or some such and installing it worked. You might have it rolled up into another script already? I've found that the dependencies for a lot of these scripts aren't clearly documented, but I'm definitely still a newbie to this API and platform so I'm hardly an expert here.