Macro bar slightly off screen. Ideas how to fix?

Some how during my last session, my macro bar at the bottom of the screen shifted to the left. I can't figure out how to shift it back. Moving the individual macros doesn't work at the far left one is still mostly "off screen." Everything else is perfect such as the selection menu that's always on the left and the video feeds, etc. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?
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Is this persisting between browser sessions? (IOW, "have you tried turning it off and on again?") It looks like your window isn't maximized. Have you tried maximizing it (and then, if this is how you prefer to play, un-maximizing it again)? The window size jump may kick whatever code is failing to resize the macro bar in the butt.
The picture is not maximized so that I could show the edge. It persists however when maximized. Also it persists after the browser is closed and reopened. Sessions are ended and restarted. Even after the computer itself was turned off and on again. I'm perplexed. :)
Some of my players have reported this happening.  We created a throw-away macro that they place on the left side of the macro bar so the usable macros are visible.  If there is a better solution, we are interested as well.

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If someone experiencing this issue could post the steps required to reproduce it, that would be very helpful. Thanks!
Does this happen in both Chrome and Firefox? Have you disabled all browser extensions and add-ins?

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The macro bar is scrollable. When you have more Macros than fits left-to-right, it becomes scrollable and can be scrolled left or right. If this might be the case, try shortening the name (button-words) of some of the macros to make them all fit without scrolling.  Or try holding your pointer over the macro quick bar and scroll it right to bring the left-most macro back into the screen.
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I got the same issue when I had the player video/avatar location set to top instead of bottom. Try changing that.

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Ravenknight said: I got the same issue when I had the player video/avatar location set to top instead of bottom. Try changing that. Experienced exactly the same thing here. It's the same in both Chrome and Firefox on both Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.something. Looking through the source code, it looks like when you set the player bar position to Top, the playerzone  div containing both the player bar and the macro bar is given the class pz-top , which has the following CSS properties: I'm assuming that's to not overlap with the tool bar in the top left corner. Simultaneously, the macrobar div, which is a child of playerzone , gets this property: —likely to offset the 75px padding of its parent. But! Seeing as macrobar  has the CSS declaration position:absolute; —it's positioned relative to the page , not its parent element. Thus, the 75px padding of playerzone  doesn't affect macrobar  at all. Now, if I disable the new -75px margin, macrobar  snaps back to where it belongs. Before: After: It looks to me like the solution is pretty straightforward: The declaration margin-left:75px; should be removed from the selector #playerzone.roll20-webrtc.pz-top #macrobar Thanks for reporting this, Rat's Workshop (and for corroborating it, DM Robzer and Ravenknight)! I was very close to assuming I was going half crazy, but your post prompted me to dig down a bit further into what was actually going on. Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Thank you very much for the detailed report, Nikolaj M. ! I've brought this issue to the attention of the Roll20 Dev Team.
Thank you, Nikolaj M! Very much appreciated.
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Thank you for reporting this, I've put together a bug ticket to address this.