Gm And Players Wanted For Throne Of Night


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Hello as it says on the tin I am looking for a Gm and some players to play throne of night on firdays at around 7pm gmt. if your intrested in playing or gming please use the join a game serch engin and find my game posting for more information.
Roll20 Mod Team
Only Plus and Pro subscribers can make their games visible to the public ; by default a link such as ... is only visible to players already in the game. The best way to handle this situation is to create a Looking for Group listing ; even if you do not enable it for viewing in the LFG Directory you can share the link with others and have a separate Listing Discussion forum just for those potentially interested in your game. As a bonus, anyone who posts to your game's Listing Discussion forum will have a big blue button by their username and all a GM has to is click 'Invite to Game' and an invitation will be sent their way. I hope this helps, happy gaming! :)
oh thanks verry much i will bear this in mind