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Sheetworker Autocalc v0.1.0

Sheet Author
API Scripter
As a character sheet author, have you struggled over the tradeoffs between autocalc fields and writing worker scripts? There is a solution! Sheetworker Autocalc  will let you resolve the autocalc fields to a value, which you can use in your sheet worker as you please. Simply add the code to your sheet worker, and then call resolveAutocalc . Here's the function in action: <input type="number" name="attr_a" value="2"> <input type="number" name="attr_b" value="3"> <input type="number" name="attr_c" value="(@{a}+1)" disabled> <input type="number" name="attr_d" value="@{c}+@{b}" disabled> <input type="number" name="attr_e" readonly> <input type="number" name="attr_f" readonly> <script type="text/worker"> on('sheet:opened change:a change:b', function() { // specify the attribute to resolve: resolveAutocalc('d', function(values) { // you get its value, and the value of all attributes it references: // values = { a: 2, b: 3, c: 3, d: 6 } setAttrs({ e: Math.pow(values.d, 2); }); }); // it also works with an array: resolveAutocalc(['a', 'b'], function(values) { // it works with non-autocalc attributes, too: // values = { a: 2, b: 3 } }); // you can easily test what version you've got: console.log(resolveAutocalc.VERSION); // 0.1.0 }); // sheetworker-autocalc.js goes here </script> Sheetworker Autocalc supports the floor, ceil, round, and abs functions as well as the +, -, *, /, %, and ** operators,  just like autocalc fields. Version 0.1.0 has not been tested with repeating sections. sheetworker-autocalc.min.js is available in the linked repository for a minified version of the code, if you prefer to scroll past just 25 lines instead of 143!
Sheet Author
Hmm nice. This might be a piece I was missing to transfer a lot of my calculation fields to sheet workers