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Direct editing (non-WYSIWYG) option for Markdown in Handouts

Score + 30
Support Class
Marketplace Creator
The current text editor for handouts has been driving me batty -- I can't see where the markdown tags are located, if I make multiple edits in the same general place, it's becoming obvious that whatever formatting process Roll20 has during the saving process is trying to 'clean up' overlapping or redundant tags, but makes a mess of it and results in a garbled final product. A button that lets me look at the markdown code driving the WYSIWYG would be a massive help, because then I wouldn't have to worry about the editor trying to make sense of my content - I could just proof it myself. 
Yes, this.
Arthur B
API Scripter
Oh, yes, please.
Considering how often bullet nesting breaks horribly in the WYSIWYG editor, I'd love to be able to switch back and forth to Markdown vs. WYSIWYG.
I would like this more than gravy on roast beef
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
I was going to post this very thing.
This is a big deal everywhere, in macros, on handouts, Bio information on Character sheets. It's super frustrating that I have to save all my macros in a notepad.txt file somewhere on my computer to be able to edit them later.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Yes, please! Markdown is so much easier to deal with than the broken mess that is the current editor, easily shareable, doesn't break when you try to copy and paste stuff...
Stephen L.
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
API Scripter
The WYSIWG editor is also frustrating when special characters hidden away in its HTML cause problems for scripts that need to read fields like GM notes. A plain-text editor would be lovely!
I find the WYSIWYG editor okay for most tasks, but if I'm trying to do anything particularly formatted (like something with extensive tables or some such, or lots of bulleted lists) it does get I agree, yeah. It'd be nice to be able to directly edit code if desired, to get finer control over things.
This Yes Please!
Marketplace Creator
Please! I really need markdown in the handout editor...
Three-year-old thread. It would be super, but don't hold your breath.
The fact that this is still not a thing after so long is insane. So many times there is something just completely being messed up somewhere, and I can't fix it, cause of not being able to clean up the markdown myself