Looking for Group Changes “Pay to Play” Changes We've added a new tag in our Looking for Group tool for "Pay to Play" games. This will allow you to filter your game search on whether or not you wish to see games where the GM charges a per/session/game fee. This isn’t retroactive for older Pay to Play games already on the system. Going forward with today’s update, if you are a GM or a player creating a Pay to Play LFG listing, you must click on the Pay to Play checkbox. This will automatically place the required payment disclaimer for Pay to Play games on your listing. Pay to Play games on the LFG Forum require a link to their LFG Tool listing and may not be advertised on the LFG forum without a link to their LFG listing. LFG Forum Captchas To fight back on spammers, we've enabled a one-time captcha for anyone posting a thread or comment to an existing thread within the LFG forum. You only need to do this once on your account (barring a browser cache or cookie cleanse). Marketplace Changes Image Watermarks We've altered our image watermarks so that they are easier to see on lighter art content to protect the content from those Marketplace bundles. Better Accessibility for Marketplace Reporting Marketplace creators now have easier access to their reporting. They can now access it directly from their Marketplace listings. Marketplace Bundles Improvements Marketplace Bundles are now searchable as their own category on the Marketplace. Marketplace Addons Previews Addons packages now can have preview images. Tabletop Audio Updates A new Tabletop Audio track has been added to our Jukebox library: “Lonesome West” Tabletop Audio updated a new version of the track “Windswept Plains”. If you had that track added to your Jukebox, the new version will be played. What's Next! Here's what's coming down the pipe in the near future. More WebRTC Fixes More work is being done to make WebRTC more accessible for more of our users. We're currently in the process of moving WebRTC's connection processing over to Firebase (utilizing our infrastructure) to shoulder the weight of figuring out the call structure rather than relying on it being done locally. We're also hammering away at two ongoing WebRTC issues. One of them is that the first two users who log into a game both call each other simultaneously. This sets up two individual connections between the same two people. There should only be one connection made between the two users and it's causing connection instability when trying to keep the session up and running. The second issue we're tackling is when a timeout occurs when WebRTC goes down the line of players logged into a game and making the various WebRTC connections. Take a theoretical game with five players currently logged in; WebRTC enables itself and begins the process of sending out calls between players to establish the connection. This happens in the order of people who hopped into the game. Player one and two connect without issue. Then, say the process hangs on player three. Their client never answers the call to make the necessary connection. When this happens, this stalls out the entire connection process and never hails Players Four and Five. Essentially, what we're doing is rewriting how WebRTC connection are handled so that you only connect to a person once and prevent the mentioned scenario where the connection process gets stuck. Fanburst Tracks Cutting Off Issue We were able to figure out what was causing Fanburst tracks to randomly stop playing in your games. Turns out that there's a bug in Fanburst's API. We're in contact with Fanburst's developers on a fix for this issue. They provided a temporary patch fix at the start of the weekend and rolled out a proper patch on Sunday. If you're still having issues with your tracks, comment to our bug thread for this issue .