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Alphabetized rollable tables.


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 My game has been going for almost a year ,  and I have probably somewhere around 100 rollable tables by now.  There is absolutely no organization and I can't arrange them myself. Anytime I want to find a specific rollable table is a nightmare. 
+1 for this.  At LEAST alphabetize them.  "sort by" shifted from the internal unique ID to the Tile/name field - please. If you want to go 'whole hog' add folder/sub folders/keywords and/or ability to move them in the listing order (ie the Journal's management system)
I'd love that!! I presently have ~40 rollable tables for most things in the D&D DMG, and it's a pain in the butt when I make my own rollable table but can't add it near other rollable tables like it.
One workaround for this: 1. Open your Collection tab. 2. Click in the URL field. 3. Press CTRL+F to use the "Find" feature. Of course, this only works if you remember the name of the rollable table for which you are looking.
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