Inviting players to games

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Ok.. so I have players who've joined my game.. And.. then I want to start another game - and I know the players Roll20 account name - but I can't invite them, because they logged off and didn't give me their email address.   Would it be possible to have an 'invite' option by Roll20 account, or with a drop-down for players from other games?
Why not just message them the join link? If you click their image on the player list it should take you to their profile, then just hit private message.
Drew, I totally agree. I GM the same basic group of guys and anytime I do a one shot or start a new game, I have to poll for the email address they used to setup their accounts. Most of these accounts are 4+ years old. Being able to select by Roll20 account would be awesome.
Assuming you are talking about the same group of players, you can copy the current campaign you are in and it will bring the players over with the copy.  If you only want the players, just make sure "Players and Player Settings" is the only box checked.