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GURPS sheets under current development??

Are any of the GURPS character sheets under active development? Is there any consensus among users which sheet I should be trying to use for my new GURPS games? Why? Thanks

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I prefer the first one, looks cleaner to me. It works well and does what I need it to do. Not too long ago (less than 3 months?) there was a post with some suggestions and fixes. A guy was making some quality of life changes and fixing a few issues. He introduced bugs that broke existing character sheets and led to a frustrating month where every week players told me new things were broken. In most cases I could fix it by putting a really big number in (like 9999999) and then deleting it. This seemed to reset things and get that fields head back on straight. It was worth it because he got the points adding up between all the different tabs. The original creator said that wasn't possible and anything not on the first tab (like skills, advantages, disadvantages...) had to be added up manually.  In my last GURPS campaign one player had issues but I think that was on him. When I opened his sheet it worked fine. Maybe he was using the pop-out window which I don't recommend. The pop-out window doesn't communicate well with Roll20 and can lead to... problems. None of the other players had issues. 
Hey, I just saw this and thought I'd respond. I am the guy that was updating (and breaking) the GURPS Sheet #1. In order to get a lot of the fields to calculate and clear up I had to convert a ton of stuff from "auto-calculated" to "helper-scripts" and ... well I didn't test enough. I felt really bad that I cause issues for folks out there. When I last updated, it I think I took care of all the issues that had been reported on the git repo (although, I think the reporter of some never closed them). And kept monitoring this forum for any issues that appeared. Things seem to be pretty stable with no breaking issues, for the past few months. Unfortunately, my financial situation has forced me to cut back and I am no longer a Pro-subscriber. I still try to monitor this forum for bugs, and would be willing to resub to fix something if that was breaking the sheet for my fellow GUPRS players. Otherwise, at least till my situation changes, I don't plan on subscribing and making any more changes to the sheet.
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I just wish there was a roll template for this one I getting ready to kick off a monster hunters campaign and i'd like something less generic
quick question is there a way to import from GSC software to the Roll20 Characters?  Would appreciate any info you can give me on that as an option
Not sure if  this script will do what you need, Vlad I. What I really need is a GC A importer, not GC S . There was talk of it in that thread, but I don't believe it materialized.