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Vampire 20th edition dice rolls with specialties

In Vampire The Masquerade 20th edition you can have specialties wich do this : a critical success (10) on a d10 counts double. I haven't seen any info on the wiki about this specific system so I thought i could ask around here if anyone knows how to do this.
Having experience with V20 on this site for a few years now, I can say that if it is possible, writing the macro would be far more difficult than it seems at first glance. 1's cancel out from the top down, so if you rolled a 10 and a 1, that 1 is going to take away from the 10 first and cancel it out, further complicating the macro. I'll just leave the oWoD macros I use for your convenience. You really can't go wrong with these. REGULAR PUBLIC DICE /r ?{Amount of Dice|1}d10>?{Difficulty|6}f1 ?{Reason for Roll} SOAK/DAMAGE DICE /r ?{Amount of Dice|1}d10>?{Difficulty|6} ?{Reason for Roll} REGULAR PRIVATE-ST DICE /gmroll ?{Amount of Dice|1}d10>?{Difficulty|6}f1 ?{Reason for Roll} 10 AGAIN /r ?{Amount of Dice|1}d10>?{Difficulty|6} 10 Again GNOSIS /gmroll ?{Amount of Gnosis|1} Gnosis to ?{Reason for Gnosis} RAGE /gmroll ?{Amount of Rage|1} Rage to ?{Reason for Rage} BLOOD BUFF /w gm ?{Amount of Blood|1} Blood to Strength /w gm ?{Amount of Blood|1} Blood to Dexterity /w gm ?{Amount of Blood|1} Blood to Stamina HEAL /w gm ?{Amount of Blood|1} Blood to Heal
So the specialties system will be done manually then. Thank you for the quick response !