Hi All, As you may have heard, I have been irked continually by the errors in both the official D&Di [RIP] and Portable Compendia. Having the resources to fix at least one of these things, I went ahead and did it. Thus, you can now download a Patch that will work with your Portable Compendium and fix many of the errors and exclusions that are present. To install the patch into your Portable Compendium, follow these steps: Download the Patch . Duh. Close the Portable Compendium, if you have it open. Extract the files from the .zip file in the patch. Go to the file location/directory where you have the Portable Compendium Installed. If you don't know where this is, right click on your compendium and click "Properties." It should tell you where the file location is on your hard drive. Delete the "sql" folder in your Portable Compendium folder. Copy in the "sql" folder that you extracted from the patch download. Open the Portable Compendium program, same as you would normally. It will take slightly longer to load than normal the first time you open it, as it automatically loads the corrected information from the patch. Do NOT close the Portable Compendium until it has had time to load all the databases and populate the filters! And that's it! I hopefully have also changed all the Compendium links in various Guild places to a version of the Portable Compendium that already contains the patch so new people don't need to go through this. You could alternatively delete your portable compendium folder and do a fresh install from the version linked above, but you will lose any bookmarks or other changes you have made. Questions can be directed to the Discord chat or the Questions thread. If you are unsure if you have the latest patch or not, check to see if your Compendium has a Glossary entry entitled Multiclass Feats . If it does, you're good to go!