Nesting whisper macros

I've been trying to nest a whispered spell into another macro in 3.5. The macro used by itself works just fine, but as soon as i nest the spell into another macro the spell is no longer whispered to me only. Any help would be appreciated. For those that want more info; i created a macro that whispers a spell list into the chat log from the selected token (assuming it's a spellcaster), and from there i can cast a spell from the token's character sheet. I was hoping to keep the spell secret unless the players make an appropriate spellcraft check, but every time i cast the spell from the nested macro in the chat log the spell is no longer whispered to me. I'm not sure if i can't nest whisper commands or what is going on. Thanks in advance!
Can you post your macro here?
Here is the first part, it looks at the selected token's character sheet for spells and prints them into the chat log in a gm whisper: #spellsarcane /w gm &{template:DnD35StdRoll} {{subtags=Spells per Day}} {{notes= @{selected|spells0}/@{selected|spells1}/@{selected|spells2}/@{selected|spells3}/@{selected|spells4}/@{selected|spells5}/@{selected|spells6}/@{selected|spells7}/@{selected|spells8}/@{selected|spells9} Level 0: [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$0_spellname02}](! #spella0-1) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$1_spellname02}](! #spella0-2) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$2_spellname02}](! #spella0-3) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$3_spellname02}](! #spella0-4) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$4_spellname02}](! #spella0-5) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$5_spellname02}](! #spella0-6) [@{selected|repeating_spells02_$6_spellname02}](! #spella0-7) Level 1: [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$0_spellname12}](! #spella1-1) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$1_spellname12}](! #spella1-2) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$2_spellname12}](! #spella1-3) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$3_spellname12}](! #spella1-4) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$4_spellname12}](! #spella1-5) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$5_spellname12}](! #spella1-6) [@{selected|repeating_spells12_$6_spellname12}](! #spella1-7) Level 2: [@{selected|repeating_spells22_$0_spellname22}](! #spella2-1) [@{selected|repeating_spells22_$1_spellname22}](! #spella2-2) [@{selected|repeating_spells22_$2_spellname22}](! #spella2-3) [@{selected|repeating_spells22_$3_spellname22}](! #spella2-4) [@{selected|repeating_spells22_$4_spellname22}](! #spella2-5) Level 3: [@{selected|repeating_spells32_$0_spellname32}](! #spella3-1) [@{selected|repeating_spells32_$1_spellname32}](! #spella3-2) [@{selected|repeating_spells32_$2_spellname32}](! #spella3-3) [@{selected|repeating_spells32_$3_spellname32}](! #spella3-4)}} From here i can select a spell from the chat log and it will cast it from the character sheet using the linked macro: #spella1-1 /w gm @{selected|repeating_spells12_$0_spellcast12} When i use the spell cast macro it is whispered properly, but when i use the linked macro from the chat log it is no longer whispered.