LFP dnd 5e, need 2 solid players


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Hallo gents, we are a team of 2 plus 2 off-players  looking for 2 solid players in role-play heavy power-campaign. age and ability not an issue discord Tutelage#5904 newbie friendly if you can get into a story. GMT + 0 Sunday 4-10pm
ladies welcome, obviously. I very rarely bother with it, but has been pointed to me.
Hi there. Any information about usual time slots and all that jazz? thanks in advance
Hello I am interested in this is it cool if you can mention the time slot
Intrested , day and time?
I am also interested, i am new to the DnD scene, extremely new and im looking for a group who is patient and can show me the ropes. Got a date and time?
Apologies, Sundays 4pm to 10pm.
Hey, I'd love to be considered for the game, if you've got any questions drop me a line on here and I can shoot you my discord. GMT+1 (BST) and very much interested in an RP heavy campaign. Thanks!
Hey! Experienced in 5e. Love the role play, character voicing and improv. Let me know.