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Bar Token Change

Can I use a macro to change the value of a token's bar? I know you can access them for output like so [[1d20+@{selected|bar2}]]. But can I do the reverse where I would change the bar to the d20 instead? (Without API of course)
The Aaron
API Scripter
You cannot.  Only the API can automate changing token properties.
Thanks Aaron, also why isn't this working? Or should I start a new thread for this? ?{Age1Power|No Power,- |CreateLand,#a1createLand |CreateLandmass,#a1createLandmass } here are the two macro's its referencing: #a1createLand /me uses the CREATE LAND power Cost: [[ 2 &{tracker:-}]] Effect: Create 1 Biome Special: If placed adjacent to same biome type, return 1 power. #a1createLandmass /me uses the CREATE LANDMASS power Cost: [[ 4 &{tracker:-}]] Effect: Create [[d6]] of [[d12]] In the dropdown box it doesn't give me an options, and when i click submit it runs both options.
Here is a screenshot of everything if that helps:
Sheet Author
I think you need to make html substitutions for special characters in your macros because once the query finds the first " } " it thinks it's the end of the query.  For some reason  " , " and " | " also cause problems.  More info on wiki:  Advanced Usage for Roll Queries
OMG that fixed it, thank you so much Vince!