This week in Community Corner... On the Marketplace Aaron's Photo-Realistic Map Tiles: Dungeons & Tombs This pack includes 50 high-quality, fully furnished rooms, allowing you to create your own dungeon with ease. Simply drag-n-drop and you're ready to play! Tomb of Annihilation Are you ready to face Acererak… The Module Production team is and they have been hard at work getting Tomb of Annihilation adventure VTT ready! Are you excited?!? Developer Spotlight Stephanie here again with a quick dev overview! It was a light week at the developer table -- we had a few Devs out for the US holiday. On the Production Server Regular community Character Sheet and API Script updates Bugfix: Module Patch Title Bugfix: Roll20CON tag removed by some games Steve returns to share those awesome dev-y insights next week! Community Highlights Speaking of Roll20CON... The numbers are in! You helped raise a total of $2,329 for Cybersmile during Roll20CON! Your efforts will allow this incredible organization to continue to help aid in prevention of online abuse. Thank you to you all! If you donated and have not gotten the Art Pack, please email for help! Gifting 101 Looking to Gift your favorite Player or GM? Consider using the Roll20 Gift Page to send subscription credit in any amount -- split the cost between the party! (Subscription credit does not work on Marketplace items at this time. Marketplace items can also be gifted, however there is not currently a way to split the cost. This means that no partial payments by a various group members can be accepted via our Gift page. *** That’s all for this week rollers! Enjoy the weekend and stay cool! -Avacyn ( Roll20 Community Corner #14: 6/30/2017 - Updates & Community News )