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{Looking for as many players for D&D 5E}


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We are looking for people over 18 that use discord or that are willing to get discord. -we have around 4 people willing to be a DMs  -We would like that you can get along with others. (No people that have a hatred for any race) -please reply to this and I will PM you my group
Hi player here looking for 5e groups, do you have a lot of difficulties with racism? Never had that!?
I'm looking for a group as well, so I'll take a look into this.
Im looking to join a group as well!

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Got specific times and is your group against dark humor?
hello also want to know the time for the groups
Hey, can I get an invite to the group?
Completely new player, over 18, have Discord, timezone GMT+2.
for all that wish to join
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Please present your discord community in the context of, "This|These specific game(s) is|are looking for more players (with LFG directory link(s)), and this server is where we do our voicechats and hang out between sessions"