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Rollable Tables

So using rollable tables to generate random cities icons for our dawn of worlds game, as well as rory story cubes for people who need a creative prompt. However I've noticed when you use a macro to roll the table ie: /r 1t[Rory-1] it rolls the icon image as well as gives a "= 0" When placed a token and click Random Side it doesn't roll the = 0 When I do [[ 1t[Rory-1] ]] it only displays the token icon name What I want to be able to do is roll all 9 tables together in a macro and have their images side by side. IE: [[ 1t[Rory-1] 1t[Rory-2] 1t[Rory-3] 1t[Rory-4] 1t[Rory-5] 1t[Rory-6] 1t[Rory-7] 1t[Rory-8] 1t[Rory-9] ]] However that only display the names, like in example 3. How do I get it to roll all 9, but keep them concise and not taking up a full log in the chat? Or at least roll them without the " = 0 "
The Aaron
API Scripter
This is possible with the API, but not possible in chat with the free account.  What you CAN do is make Rollable Table Tokens for all the dice, then select them all, right click and select Multi-Sided -> Random Side and it will roll them all at once.  It will display all of them together in the chat, and you'll have them to reference and move about on the table.

Edited 1500918529
Okay thanks Aaron, can you pm me the api for when I get my subscription back up when we start playing? Also is there a way to make a macro that rolls any rollable table token you have selected, like with selected name or something?
The Aaron
API Scripter
I don't know that there is an API that explicitly does this, but there could be.  This is a feature on my list of things to add to RecursiveTable. As for rolling via an API script, I'm certain either there is one, or could be one pretty easily. =D  The only caveat would be that the images in the RollableTable Token would have to be in a User Library, as the API can't access marketplace images (unless they are downloaded and uploaded to a user library...).
Okay thanks.