Hello gamers and welcome back to the Community Corner!We have a lot of exciting things to cover today, so lets jump right to it! Roll20 Merch Store! Roll20, has officially launched its merchandise store! We've had a lot of requests for an ongoing merchandise store over the years, and our first version went live this week. Some notes on the opening of the store can be found on the blog . Tomb of Annihilation Trailer! With the Tomb of Annihilation release coming up quick on September 8th, we have a quick video trailer for everyone! You can watch the trailer on our blog! Esports! If you've been keeping track of Roll20 esports (R2E), our Heroes of the Storm team, they won the Bloodlust Invitational last weekend , and as a result of community funding the organizers for the tournament will be streaming a D&D game on Roll20 in the near future! Also this week, the Heroes Global Championship launched its "cheering" program on Twitch, allowing viewers to financially show support for teams while earning in-game prizes . Our team has bounced back and forth between the #1 & #2 slots for community cheering-- a huge honor. We're proud of the team for their accomplishments, and we're really excited by all the community action that's been happening as a result. Developer Spotlight! Hi rollers, here's what's new in the Tech Corner. We're pretty happy with the Compendium update and the web view. Now we're bringing all that functionality into the Compendium Tab of the VTT. We're hard at work on designing the layout which should go much quicker because all of the background data will be the same between the web and in-app versions. We've moved Game Addons from the Game Settings page to the landing Game Details page to make them easier to find. Some users have expressed confusion at the differences between Modules, Addons, and Bundles. Moving the Addons is a small first step in a larger plan to make using pre-created content more straightforward and intuitive. We're in crunch mode building up toward Gen Con. We're excited to show off all of the various projects we've been working on and so everyone on the team is working hard to get them into a polished state to release or demo for the con. Exciting stuff coming Soon TM. - Steve Change Log Back-end tools added that should make fixing issues for users easier to spot and fix! New badges added for members of our production team. Changes to Rollback to accurately reflect changes. Addons section has moved from the Game Settings page to the main Game Details page. Roll Backs The Roll Back system has been something people have using for quite some time, and in that time, the number of games since its inception has increased by a HUGE amount! As such some updates were needed to reflect the new time frame for our Roll Backs to save. The new window for Roll Back save states is between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST. Game Addon Location Additionally, we also made some changes to how you add in addons! They have moved from being hidden in the Game Settings page to being front and center on your Game Details page! It should be a lot easier to add in those quick adventures for your party! Community Highlights! We had a few new sheets come in this week, and they are great! Babylon 5 Sci-Fi fans rejoice! We have another sheet for you! Babylon 5  now has a sheet, brought to you by Nighthawk ! Mutants and Masterminds: 2nd Edition For those of you who prefer Mutants and Masterminds: 2nd Edition , you can thank John Emmery for his contribution to the community! On the Marketplace! We have quite a few sets to showcase this week! A new premium isometric map building pack with over 800 tiles! And a few Sci-fi packs to go along with your adventures! Villagelder’s Castle Crafter by Villagelder Make your medieval castle come alive with Villagelder’s Castle Crafter. This kit comes with almost 800 isometric building blocks! Sci-Fi Ruins Construction Kit by Peter Tompson Not all dungeons have a dragon at the end, and not all delves are beset by dwarves and elves. Even the most futuristic civilization has its dusty remains of an ancient, lost past. Building them with the Sci-Fi Ruins Construction Kid is a snap! Critical Pixel Space Pack 1 by Zeshio It’s been far too long since pixelized space travelers journeyed across the galaxy! Have no fear, this Critical Pixel Space Pack series will fill that void! Thanks for joining us, we hope you are just as excited as we are for everything this week! See you all next time! -Drespar