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How to integrate D&D Beyond with Roll20

As we are nearing release of D&D Beyond, I'm pondering. What thoughts do any of you have for using both D&D Beyond with Roll20? I like that D&D Beyond is official. That I'll have all my characters in one place, finally, with everything working as it should be. Though I haven't used Roll20 in a bit so maybe that's working better now. I'm trying to figure out where to spend my money in the future. I have a physical PHB, I have a Fantasy Grounds PHB, I have stuff from Roll20 that lets me make characters there, and I plan to buy a PHB here as well. Is that wise? I've been wanting digital D&D forever. I played massive amounts of 4e using MapTools. And over 800hours of Roll20 it seems. I bought Fantasy Grounds just to have official words in digital format, but it seems that D&D Beyond is better for that, right? Should I just stick with Roll20 since I like digital maps, or am I doing this all wrong? Thoughts? Opinions? Guidance?
Right now, if you're wanting to play D&D online with official resources over a VTT... the most economical choice is Fantasy Grounds due to the massive price drop on all the modules coming out soon. D&D Beyond is good for just being an official source/compendium, but no VTT... and you have to consider this. You can unlock the resources on D&DB, but you don't have access to them unless you're maintaining an active subscription. I believe you still have access to FG's modules. Roll20 doesn't have anything but monster manual information and map/adventure modules.
Ed S.
I'm curious if Roll20 is going to follow suit and lower their prices as well. It seems that $29.99 will be the standard for digital books going forward.