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[Fate - Freeport] Request - Add modifier inquiry

Hello, Could someone please add the modifier inquiry to the 6 roll buttons on the Fate - Freeport sheet. I know I should do it myself but it has been on my to do list for months and I still haven't gotten to do it yet so I would really appreciate if someone else could add it.
Sheet Author
At least personally I don't that would be appropriate for the public character sheet based on my experience with Fate, but if you wanted to add it to a personal copy it is an extremely simple change with any sort of search and replace. Search: 4dF Replace: 4dF + ?{Modifier|0}
Why on earth would it not be appropriate for the public sheet? Stunts add bonuses to rolls, in Freeport spells often add bonuses to damage spell rolls, etc.
Sheet Author
I haven't played Fate Freeport specifically so I may not be correct, but from my experience running Fate games before, a large majority of rolls are performed without modifiers.  If you go adding in roll inquiries to the sheet itself every single time that a player attempts a check they now need to click through the modifier window to get a roll instead of just getting what they expected.  Also with the way that Stunts work they are significantly easier to just implement with Macros for the occasions that they come up. (Which is not intended to be constantly) I will admit that some of the official sheets, namely the 13th Age one, use Inquiries in the way you suggest however in these games most of the rolls will actually have a modifier applied to them.
Ok, I guess this is just a matter of personal preferences. I personally don't want to have to make Macros in addition to having the character sheet. To me the whole purpose of the character sheet (compared to just having attributes) is that it has all the needed functionalities -> there is no need to make additional Token Abilities or Macros. For example the D&D sheet doesn't have the inquiry but it is based on the idea that each individual thing has its own roll button (for example all weapons and spells) so there is no need for either Macros or inquiry. But with sheets like the Freeport sheet, this is not the case and therefore the inquiry is needed (if one wants to be able to make all roll from the sheet). For example the "normal" Fate sheet uses inquiries and I mainly use that one, I only use the Freeport in one campaign. Since I know each time I make a roll whether there is a modifier it practically takes no time at all to confirm a modifier of '0'. It's an automation to press Enter if there is no modifier. It probably takes me 0,1 seconds longer to make the roll with inquiry that without, which I have never felt to be a problem. But like said, it's probably a matter of personal preferences.