Stat Roller plus Stat Adder Macro?

So I'm going to be running a one shot, and I want to forgo point buys and just have players roll randomly for their ability scores, yet at the same time I want to make sure they are at least above a certain threshold of total points between all six, have them all roll at least above average so they have a solid base to build their characters. That being said I want to make a macro that both rolls six numbers from a pool of dice and then takes the six rolled numbers and shows them as a single sum at the end. Dice macros I've done a lot of, that part is nothing new to me. But how would I then add up the total of the dice without covering up the exact numbers rolled for each dice? I'm uncertain how one would "reference" the rolled numbers to then add them up in the same macro.
Sheet Author
So, like? [[(d6)+(d6)+(d6)+(d6)+(d6)+(d6)]] and then it will show a total number but when moused over it will display all of the individual numbers as well?
No, showing all 6 six numbers plus the grand total, like this:
Roll20 Mod Team
This might work: /r [[4d6k3]] + [[4d6k3]] + [[4d6k3]] + [[4d6k3]] + [[4d6k3]] + [[4d6k3]]
I tested this out and it seemed to work like you wanted /r [[3d6]]+[[3d6]]+[[3d6]]+[[3d6]]+[[3d6]]+[[3d6]]
That does indeed work, thanks to you all. :)
hey cool thanks !!