About logic and helper functions (noob question probably)

Hello all !  I've been struggling since yesterday with the basics of macro, really not a coding guy but I wanted to give it a try. I've added the given example to a character ability : &{template:default} {{name=Test Attack}} {{attack=[[1d20]]}} {{damage=[[1d6]]}} And yay, it works ! Now I'd like to show the damage roll only if the attack roll is equal or higher to 10. Lucky me helper functions seems to be a thing. So I'm trying : &{template:default} {{name=Test Attack}} {{attack=[[1d20]]}} {{#rollGreater() Attack 9}} {{damage=[[1d6]]}} {{/rollGreater() Attack 9}} And oh despair, it's giving me : The ugly rollGreater beacons are shown between the Damage roll, which shouldn't appear since the Attack roll is lower than 10. D: No doubts I messed up somewhere, maybe everywhere, but I fail to understand where. Maybe something must be between the () ? Halp plz. :l
Ed S.
Unfortunately those functions only work when you are building a custom character sheet and creating your own roll templates. Rolls templates are attached to the character sheets so you either have to use the one that comes with the sheet you are using in your game or use the default template. Unless you get a pro sub and build your own. 
Oh okay my bad. So every helper functions are locked to character sheets but simple roll paterns work alright with juste abilities on sheetless character ? That was a bit hard to guess, maybe I missed it but didn't found any mention of that pre-requisite on the wiki page.  Thanks a lot for answering anyway ! I'll manage without if for now. and will think about it if I take a premium account, but making a custom char sheet seems to be quite a work.
Pat S.
Sheet Author
It looks more like you would have to go pro and get a sheetworker installed in a custom sheet to help with what you are wanting to do. I'm not a coder so it is just more of a guess from my perspective.