Looking for a stable 5E group to learn the Roll20 system and 5E mechanics


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I am an avid tabletop gamer and have played D&D for about 3+ decades, I started with the red box set and played through v3.5. I was not to keen on 4E, and never got the chance to play Pathfinder. The group I played with fell apart with everyone moving or family situations. So now I am trying to find a group of fun, semi-immersive, regular players in which we can run through a lot of fantasy story telling and flesh out a world to which our characters can live. If any GM's, or player groups are looking for players than I'm your Guy. I can run a wide variety of races/classes, but mostly I play support roles, and problem solvers. I'm always looking to expand my experience with races/classes. Side note: I am currently looking for non paid games, as I am still deciding on the commitment to Roll20 on a subscriber level account.                   
What are your available time slots/days/time zone?
I am Eastern Time Zone Friday evening-Sunday, anytime Monday-Thursday is variable as work can interfere sometimes with evening schedules, day play during these days is almost impossible Sorry for the limited availability
I am trying to get a group started for 5e on Saturdays at 7pm or 9pm cst (one hour earlier than you).
What you got in mind, day and time is good for me