Hello gamers! Welcome to the 21st Community Corner! Our apologies for missing a week, but Gen Con had us away last weekend. But to make up for that we have a very exciting announcement for everyone! Check it out below! Developer Spotlight! This past week we revealed a big update coming for the Virtual Tabletop as well as some extra news for the compendium! We announced these at Gen Con but here is the news again! Introducing the Fog and Function September Update! Advanced Fog of War One of our all time most requested features premieres, with subscribers able to use Roll20's Dynamic Lighting in the style of classic real-time strategy games! You can check out our trailer here! With Advanced Fog of War previous discovered areas will remain revealed, but will be desaturated. Monsters and NPCs previously revealed will be hidden from view until they enter line of sight again. All of this will be client-side rendered but player sight tracked on server-side, and by a separate element from Dynamic Lighting allowing you to choose between the two! New Compendium Functionality We also have some new compendium updates coming your way! With the introduction of filters which will improve how easy it is to find particular entries, we also have changed quite a few back-end components allowing for future implementation of custom compendiums! All of these updates will be available both in-app and on the main site. So get your home-brews ready! New Official Character Sheets We will have two new officially-licenced character sheets sheets joining the family soon! This includes Dungeon World and GUMSHOE! Along with the Dungeon World sheet, Dungeon World will be receiving a new official compendium with drag-and-drop functionality! Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition OGL Sheet Updates! We have a slew of updates coming for the 5th edition sheet! Including a lot of optimization to keep things in your game moving quickly as well as easier to use drag-and-drop functionality! You will no longer need to drop a compendium entry exactly where it needs to go, the sheet will automatically know where to put it! Additionally, Elements that boost an ability score- such as magic items- will now display in its appropriate attribute followed by an asterisk symbol. Mouse over the attribute to see the base score without stat modifications! WOTC Content Patch Highlights! The Module Production Team is putting the finishing touches on our Tomb of Annihilation module! You will be able to get your hands on the official release September 8th! Pre-orders are open now on our marketplace! On the Marketplace! Save Vs. Cave Wizard's Lair by Gabriel Pickard Enjoy an adventure through a well kept wizard's lair filled with magical glyphs! That wraps this weeks community corner up! We hope you are as excited for these changes as we are! -Drespar