Fate: Alt/Vert - A D&D Homebrew Campaign.


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Session One of me and my teams newest D&D Campaign. If you're a fan of the Fate series, I hope you'll enjoy this as well. I start things off relatively tame for the sake of my players, but towards the end of this first session, the servants found themselves fighting for their lives against the hordes of the Tainted. Humans turned monsters, tainted by the Holy Grail.  Not featured in this video, but soon to come will see the Seven Servants of Silver facing the Servants of Black head on in a chaotic first battle. I hope you'll stay tuned for that as well later this week.  On a related note, if you're unfamiliar, I've recently started up a YouTube channel for the Beyond Reasonable Doubt team, consisting of myself, a desperately hopeful writer, and various other writers, artists, and animators. From web novels, video game development, and artwork, we're all hoping that one day our creative hobbies turn into a lifestyle. For some of us it already has! Long story short, we're a really passionate group of people and I think following us would be worth your time. Also, I am prepared to say pretty please.  Fate: Alt/Vert Session One - And So The Servants Were Summoned
Session 2.1: The battle for the holy grail war begins! https://youtu.be/HqpwtziZJg0