Looking for something specific

Hi ! I'm looking for something to build modern house. there is some modern stuff here, but nothing to build one, two or 3 floors house with empty pre made house with walls. Any artist would be interested to do a modern pack for that ? Or maybe someone got something for me ? The thing that is complicated is to build the core of the house, rooms and doors. Thanks
Jonathan, I have used the Basic Modern Interiors by Brass Badger for modern house needs. It can get to be a bit much to build all of the buildings and houses you require. So I used to go to www.floorplans.com as well and found some floorplans that worked. You can then couple the houses and such you find on there with the DIY additions from Brass Badger to make unique maps.   Hope this helps: best of luck!
Hi ! Thanks for the tips, I bough the pack. How do you use the floorplans ? Any exemples(screenshot from a map you did maybe ? )

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Once you have a free account on floorplans.com you can set the plans (on most) to not show writing or furniture and such as that author used the layering correctly. I use the snipper tool to grab what I want, clean it up if need be, and then bring it in as a map layer and use the art packs to add furniture, appliances, etc, etc. It all depends on the level of detail you're looking for. When I first began using Roll20 I used to draw everything. Black and white, boxes for things, etc. The artwork makes things look nicer and helps with immersion.  This screen shot is from a map where I used elements from floorplans for buildings and used artwork to put in the road, streetlights, etc, etc. This is about two years ago; would make it cleaner looking now if I was to reuse it. This is the from the GM view so you can see where I hid things, like cars and people in the building. All of the buildings are set with dynamic lighting so when the player characters went into the building they could only see the room they were in, etc. In the three months the game ran the players only went into one building on this street, but at least the interiors were there ready and waiting. If/When we get another layer it will make life so much easier. Be able to show the exterior, the interior, hide things on the GM layer, etc, etc. Some art packs creators are already planning for that from what I can tell: offering both interiors and exteriors.  You can also find nice scenes in Google Maps to screenshot and edit to your content.  This is an abandoned air base that I screenshot from Google Maps and then added elements to. The lightning was fun, the light on the "control tower" rotates with an api script and some of the other lights flicker to give the map a more dynamic look.  Sooner or later I will be running another Zombie Apocalypse game and Nicky G is going to redo his  Apocalypse Metropolis: Doubledown Hotel and Casino set before the Apocalypse. I'm trying to convince him to make his sets for current/Modern games and then portray them as ruined.  He has quite a few sets you may be interested in; Apocalypse Metropolis: Beach Boardwalk Theme Park comes to mind.  Trying to do any of this stuff just makes me appreciate the market creators more. I am certainly not an artist! Hope this helps.
Wow, you're doing amazing work, especially the street one ! I really like what you did.