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About Some Content I cannot find?

Hello everyone, first off I am happy to be here. Anyway I wanna find some information about the game rulebooks and rullings. I remember once I was playing I made a player with a class called Spellblade that used spells from the blade instead of hands. He was main Intelligence. For what I knew he was on one of the extra official books of WotC but I cannot find anything lately that is like the class I played then. Am I wrong in saying it is an official class? Is it homebrew? This is DnD related btw. Also, are Hybrid classes non-official too? I remember I had Hybrid classes as options but I also cannot find much about it. Next question is more for Pathfinder. Is Magus a Homebrew Base Class? Or is it official Base Class? Last question is again related to DnD. I once used a Windows Program called Character Creator or Builder, it could download a lot of info on Character making, from backgrounds, to classes and skills and made Char Making so easy you could do it in less than 10 mins. What is the actual name? What editions does it have included? Anyone knows if it is still available somewhere?
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