Adding New Spells to OGL 5e sheet

I know how to drag and drop the spells into the spell section of the sheet. Chromatic Orb, though, isn't in the compendium so needs to be manually entered. I can do that. Now, my problem is: How do I get the spell to appear on the Core sheet in the attack window? Thanks.
Ed S.
Drag a spell from the compendium to the spell section that has an attack at that same level then change the info afterwards. That's the only way I have seen it work thus far. With the new version of the sheet coming out later this month it might fix that, but for now that's it. 
Did you make sure that the spell's output is set to ATTACK and not SPELLCARD?
Geez, that was easy! Thanks a lot, Kyle!!
Ed S.
What I was thinking of is getting the higher spell slot casting to work correct.
Thanks, Ed. I got that working too, now! Once you get the hang of it, these sheets are awesome!