New player looking for 5E/Pathfinder


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Hi there, New here my name is Dany i am27 and from Canada Montreal so -5GMT, I'm new to Roll20, I have a little experience with Pathfinder none with 5E but I watch Critical role So yeah, I'm looking for something weekly or even more often than 1once a week, I'm completely free right now so yeah, Beside Friday every 2 weeks I got a Real-life game. So yeah sorry not a lot about myself, but if you want more information to add me on Skype it's Umokthar or Discord @ Fr3nchy#2922 
I have a game today at 11:30am Pacific time
Damn, Im late -.- sorry
I added you on Discord and am still awaiting approval :P
Hrmm what's your discord?
Bump still looking for 1 more game.
Any other group or games?
Ontario Canada here! I'm DM'ing a game with a pro account with some buddies from work; we're looking to establish a once a week between Mon-Thurs and 6 to 10pm EST.  I just purchased the Tomb of Annihaltion with added API scripts and am looking for someone to enjoy a RP lite sessions with an easy going group.