Good day fellow gamers, and welcome to Community Corner #24! We have some updates on the physical merch for everyone this week, as well as some plans before the release of Fog and Function update! Up-and-Coming... Ahead of Fog-and-Function we're planning on having another Community Roundtable Livestream on Twitch . We also went and gave some more information in the Suggestions Forum about some of the more popular asks folks have for us in the future. Merchandise! After printing and transportation delays, we now have gear going out the door! We look forward to seeing pictures of all the folks in their fresh new threads. Developer Spotlight! Fixed an issue with LFG sorting Allow creators to have access to modules and addons that they authored Token set owner to view their reporting New Tabletop Audio clip: Crossroads Hi rollers! Steve K, here. I wanted to thank everyone who gave feedback on the 5E OGL character sheet version 2 on Dev right now. Lots of great beta testing feedback that encouraged us to squeeze in a couple more features. Expect to see many other pieces of the Fog and Functionality update hitting the Dev Server. We're hard at work on the new Advanced Fog of War feature and expect to have something for you guys to fiddle with Soon TM. Look for that announcement in the forums. Until then, happy rolling. Wizards Highlights! Tomb of Annihilation Patch 1.1. Thanks for all your feedback, we'll be actively updating this module as things come up! You can see the latest changes on our forum post: Tomb of Annihilation Bug Reporting Thread Also, in case you missed it, we've announced that we will not be publishing Xanathar's Guide to Everything on the hobby store date of November 10th, as we hold off to make some special features that will better enhance our ability to present player character elements on Roll20. It's a bummer to need to wait a moment, but we think the result will be worth it! Esports! Our interview series for the Roll20 esports team continues with Trentesports talking to main tank Justing about how he came to Heroes of the Storm. This weekend on Sunday at 2PM PT , Roll20 esports will compete to lock in their number #1 spot in North America, and potentially punch their ticket to BlizzCon. Tune in! Community Highlights! This week, we have a character sheet for a game called Cthulhu Dark by Impius. It is a new system from a recent Kickstarter, so check it out! On the Marketplace! Hex March Vol. 2 The North by Meditating Munky Create massive overland hex worlds with this mega hex pack with over 1000 pieces. That is all for this week! Thanks for tuning in for another community corner. Have a great weekend everyone! -Drespar