Masterwork Borders 6 Buy Here I've been making customized token borders for my own campaigns to facilitate fun for expression- and sensation-based players for years, and it's added a lot to the experience by bringing everyone into an engaging and unified setting. This set is designed to fit into scifi and science fantasy settings like Starfinder, Shadowrun, and Eclipse Phase with materials that evoke cyberpunk digital materials and space ships with graphical decoration elements reminiscent of Star Wars ship design. The modifiers in this set, as with others, are compatible with previous Masterwork Borders elements, and can be combined in interesting ways to help communicate the genre cross-pollination that makes some of our favorite science fantasy settings so unique! The Masterwork Borders series is a solid investment for GMs that want to add another layer of polish or expression to their digital table without having to drop a fortune on photoshop layer-styles, or years into mastering the tools themselves. Tutorial: I was asked in a previous thread if I could make a video tutorial showing how to use the borders and their modifiers, so I did that! :) You can find it here: If you'd like to give feedback… …then here are a few questions I'm asking for future sets in the series: • What other effects would you like to see in future sets? • What would you like to see more of? More Sci-Fi? More Fantasy? Something super specific? • If you also purchased one of the previous Masterwork Borders sets, what about this set appeals to you? • Anything else you'd like to say? Any feedback is better than no feedback! Thank you, and happy adventuring!