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Roll20 Marketplace Content Pricing vs Fantasy Grounds

I notice that there is now a huge price difference in marketplace content prices for Roll20 compared to the Fantasy Grounds equivalent. For example, Tomb of Annihilation for Roll20 is $49.95.  FG has this at $24.99.  This is now the same for many of the add-ons for FG, especially for D&D stuff.  What is the justification for this, and why can't Roll20 be more competitive in its pricing to FG, given that Roll20 has a much larger customer base (I believe)?  I have never seen anything at discounted prices in Roll20 in the near 4 years I've been a subscriber.  Is it because the Roll20 overhead so much higher than FG, or are there other forces at play? 
Roll20 Team
To address your concerns directly-- Roll20's pricing model is based on our belief that we make a high value product (spending over an hour per page in man hours properly adapting the work) which gets a great deal of use from not only the purchaser, but their players. That said, this thread is being closed for promotion of outside sales items . At this time Roll20 is maintaining our pricing-- as is consistent with our sales model since launch. We will absolutely inform the community of any changes.