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Roll20 Community Corner #25: 9/22/2017 - New official sheets on Dev!

Roll20 Team
Greetings gamers! We have some exciting news below, so lets jump right to it! Developer Spotlight Advanced Fog of War is available for testing on the Dev server- and has already received a few updates based on community feedback! Three Roll20 sheets are available on the Dev server as well for testing for Pro subscribers! 5th Edition OGL Sheet v2.0 Gumshoe Official Sheet Dungeon World Official Sheet Hi rollers! We're excited to see all of our hard work finally ready to show off to the community on the Development Server. We've gotten some great feedback on the Advanced Fog of War and D&D. We'd love to hear what you have to say on our GUMSHOE and Dungeon World sheet. The final launch is almost here and the Dev team is hard at work tightening screws and polishing displays. We hope you enjoy the features as much as we've enjoyed working on them. - Steve For Pro subscribers, you can check out the threads for the new features and sheets below: Advanced Fog of War 5th Edition OGL Sheet v2.0 Gumshoe Official Sheet Dungeon World Official Sheet Community Highlights This week we are highlighting a Spanish only sheet submitted by Séregras for the crowdfunded RPG Eirendor ! On the Marketplace Modular Mapping Settlements 2: Underground by Chibbin Grove We have a ton of great additions to the Marketplace this week, but Chibbin Grove's new pack is the most dank and depressing of them all - perfect for quickly throwing together an epic underground adventure. Fantasy Tokens Set 4 Critters and Vermin by Greg Bruni Need some vicious rats & critters for those tight underground passages? Greg Buni's critters and vermin are just the thing. That is all for this week! Good luck on your adventures this weekend- and best of loot! -Drespar

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Nolan T. J.
Roll20 Team
Small update: I think we'll be having a Community Roundtable on Monday at 1 PM PT on Twitch. Please swing thru if you're able to make it!