I tend to forget to post new information here from what sets come out, I assume that everyone just knows about them but thats not always true. So here are the latest things that have come out, hope you enjoy and would love to hear feedback on these as well as some of the other sets that are available. Check out all my sets here Taverns This set comes with 5 unique taverns that people can use for those nights when players are hanging around town and need a place to go to rest there legs. Its a small set but it is worth it in the long run when PC tend to end up at taverns quite a bit. Rinedale City This set is really nice to have because it pans off of  Calentra city and in addition to that it comes with lore and some general information about the city. It gives a great start and information about a custom campaign that you may want to run, or insert it into a campaign that already running. Lots of facts for you to work with and its compatible with nearly any setting as there no character creations set to a specific game. Check it out and you may enjoy the details already included. If you guys like these I will start making many more but I am just testing the water for these guys. Dungeon Adventures This is a unique set as it comes with 20 maps prebuilt into it so you can basically start customizing or use the blank models to your own liking. The work out great to because there grid style dungeons so easy sizing to match grid and a few customizable items that can be added in. You can also add anything else from any other of my sets or other artist as well.